VPT - Table of content

This document describes the table of content of VPT

When you open the VPT Application, Table of Content (TOC) is displayed with the list of all existing Visual Product Tree available. You can select any of the Visual Product Tree to view, or you can add new one, as shown in Figure 1.

Each Visual Product Tree has four major aspects in the creation of VPT as shown below:
  1. Parts List: You add all the parts (components, sub-assembly, assembly etc) to the Parts List.
  2. VPT Builder: Use parts from the Parts List and build the drill-down structure of the assembly and sub-assembly for the product.
  3. VPT Viewer: This is the end result which will be seen by the users, customers, field service technicians, manufacturing engineers, manufacturing operations and technical training personnel.
  4. Flat View: This view displays a complete Product Tree in the form of Bill-of-Material; Product hierarchy is displayed according to the top level assembly, their sub-assemblies and their components, with part numbers and their descriptions.

VPT Table of Content