VPT - Visual Product Tree



Visual Product Tree (VPT) is an interactive web based navigational structure of the company products. It allows viewer to navigate through the products; from the top level assembly to sub-assemblies to the components level, visually and interactively.

Visual Product Tree is designed to provide technical support to customers, field service technicians, manufacturing engineers, manufacturing operations and technical training personnel.

This online documentation is designed to give you an understanding of VPT application and how to use it.

VPT application has five major elements as described below:

  1. Table-of-Content (TOC)

  2. Parts List (Record Administration) is used to manage records of the parts in the parts list

  3. VPT Builder is used to manage the drill-down structure of the Visual Product Tree with rollovers

  4. VPT Reviewer is used to test the Visual Product Tree

  5. VPT Flatview is used to check the Product Tree in the form of Bill-of-Material (BOM)



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